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The Resonance Repatterning® International Institute is Globally recognized, with Members, Practitioners, Mentors, Instructors and Masters in multiple countries around the world.

  • Membership provides enhanced support, whether you choose to use Resonance Repatterning® for home use or whether you are choosing Resonance Repatterning® as a career. This comes along with the distinction of being affiliated with a professional, centralized, international association, and the enjoyment of establishing connections and relationships with fellow Members.
  • To practice Resonance Repatterning®, to use the Brand Name or the logo, or to call yourself a Resonance Repatterning® or Holographic Repatterning® Practitioner you will need to hold a Resonance Repatterning® license to practice and this includes a paid membership each year. With this comes a confirmed license to practice that includes the regulations on how to use the trademark, logo of use and code of conduct amongst others. Without it, you cannot use the logo, trademark or registered brand names. 

There are currently 12 Membership levels and two categories of memberships: Basic and Premier.

  • Three of the levels are available to new members with no prerequisites to join. The others are exclusive to Practitioners, Mentors and Instructors. Each Level has its own logo if you are entitled to advertise your practice (as detailed under the membership level) this logo should be displayed on your marketing material and your website.
  • The Premier is an enhanced level of membership and to make it easier we have shown you a comparison between the two, so you can choose easily.

The Membership fees are paid annually, from the date that you first join the organization.

12 levels seem like a lot we know!

The reason for this is that we have many community members who have come from various training backgrounds through associations and through the institute, now that this has been combined, we feel sure we have covered every person from the Resonance Repatterning® community, in terms of where they are currently at. If you think there is one missing you can always let us know!

If you would like to upgrade your RRII Membership from Basic Category to Premier Category (and receive extra benefits  one of which is no cost for attending weekly Events) please contact

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