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Who is the Resonance Repatterning International Institute

Our compelling reason for being

“We provide life changing tools & programmes through qualified, ethical, aware practitioners, that help unleash innate potential, transcend challenges, shift perspective, & accelerate forward movement to aid in creating a better more fulfilling, happy and healed life for those that are courageous enough to try”.

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It's all about our community

Whatever level you choose, you are an intricate part our community. Our members are from all over the world and form a global community.  Ongoing education and upliftment is a key feature of our mission. We seek to provide a well-rounded variety of offerings focused on expansive and relevant interests and provided by a variety of global educators to keep you intrigued and growing. No matter your culture, gender, circumstances, or profession, there is something for everyone. 

Barring certain seasons or holidays, the offerings are consistent and held at a time that will work for most in this global community.

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Member benefits

By far the greatest benefit of becoming a member is the distinction of being affiliated with a professional, centralized, international association. Members enjoy establishing connections and relationships and being part of a wonderful group of like-minded people who want to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

“Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.”  - Napoleon Hill

We continually seek to review and update Membership benefits to provide the most up-to-date and useful services to our members, whether for home use or choosing Resonance Repatterning® as a career. 

Members receive a variety of discounts, tools, and benefits for their annual membership dues / License to Practice. Benefits vary and increase depending on the chosen level. Our members mostly enjoy these benefits: 

Connection: Your Membership connects you to the matrix of our global, like-minded community for limitless possibilities in personal or business growth, maintenance care, continued education and honing your skills with classmates and colleagues alike.

Conferences: Are a highlight of our programs that you can be sure will inspire and build your enthusiasm for energy psychology and the sciences behind the repatterning process we use. Quality education by Professional Presenters will significantly contribute to living your best life! ALL this is mixed with fun and demonstrations to enhance your ability to use everything you learn and experience in practical ways. And, at significant savings as a member of the RRII.

Public Policy / Advocacy: World events and community challenges are viewed from the perspective that we are all interconnected, thus it has an effect on us wherever we are...

Knowing that heart-centered actions, coherent beliefs, and personal transformation creates positive change and gives us the impetus to belong to a group for the purpose of creating more change, beyond the 'static', within ourselves, our families, and outward to the world. We at RRII Advocate for this change.

Free Informational Services: Your membership keeps you in touch with each other as well as current issues, through the mediums of the RRII website, the monthly Newsletter, and email updates. As a member in good standing, you remain informed about relevant and supportive news in your region and across the continents.

Resource links are available to support you in your Practice and Personal life, along with discounts for being a member

We look forward to welcoming you.

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Accreditation by AAMA

American Alternative Medical Association

We have accredited the Resonance Repatterning® Institute with the AAMA (American Alternative Medical Association) and their Associated Accreditation business The American Drugless Practitioners Association. This is applicable to all programmes for those that have a membership incorporating their License to practice in good standing and have achieved the minimum level of Novice Practitioner.

Accreditation by ACEP – Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology

We are happy to announce the newest Accreditation to our list, thank you to one of our wonderful committee member Susan Newman, heading up Training for the Institute thank you Susan! This is an international Professional Membership organization. Belonging to ACEP is one way to demonstrate our professionalism. They also provide a lot of resources and training that can lead to further certification, e.g., CEP Certified Comprehensive Energy Psychology.


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About the Institute

We provide a community that speaks to the heart of each member, with an intention to propel you and your business on a personal journey as a person and practitioner.

Trustworthy   ~   Reliable   ~   Transformative


Address: Mexico City, 11590, MEXICO

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