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Our monthly programs

Throughout the membership offering, we provide regular opportunities for Coaching, Sessions, Q&A, help in building your practice, or overcoming challenges, key masterclasses from some of the globes brightest light in the area of energy psychology, healing and energy medicine.  Below is the detail of the different types of events - we hope you love them!

Coaching Call:  1st week of the month ~ Thursday 10 -11 am CST

Make a Touchdown! Get an hour of Coaching that is either on a topic that you can expand your mind into, or around an area that you may need help with.  Our experienced Alumni practitioners from all over the world give up their time each month and choose a topic that has the intention of helping you expand and grow.  

Bi-Monthly Live Stream Q&A with HQ:  2nd week of the month rotation ~ Tuesday 10 -11 am CST

A favorite amongst inquiring minds is the Q & A with our HQ department. Curious about anything? Now is the time to jot down your thoughts. Please send your ideas or questions in advance to: {membership@resonancerepatterning.com}. One hour will be devoted to answers and discussion as time permits. All in attendance will benefit from YOUR question, so audience participation is a key feature! Hosted every other month.

Topical Group Session: 2nd week of the month rotation ~ Friday 10 -11am CST

What is happening in your world? How has the latest news affected your community? Issues and 'Topics' of interest will have a voice during this session. Let's open ourselves to a Group Session that helps you move upwards in your resonance and coherence towards. The synergy of a group is a powerful force for positive change combined with a licensed practitioner to facilitate each one in attendance. You will benefit greatly. Come and join us!

Practitioner Marketing Coaching Call:  2nd week of the month rotation ~ Tuesday 10 -11 am CST

You are a Repatterning Practitioner, or novice… but perhaps you are considering a career in RR? Or perhaps you are already a practitioner. How do you market yourself and your skill?  What are some pitfalls to avoid? Where do you get advice that's 'spot on'? THIS is the place! All about marketing YOU and what you're trained in!

Master Class:  3rd week of the month ~ Friday 10 -11 am CST

Speakers and Professionals in their field from all over the world will lead us in an understanding of key elements that reflect value for the community. Check out their bios and topics to build your excitement for this monthly 60-minute mini course. Time for Q & A at the end.

Monthly Membership Group Session:  4th week of the month ~ Saturday 10 -11am CST

Receive ongoing support by experienced facilitators who will provide topics for each session that are sure to enrich your life journey. Come and be a part of this dynamic 'for members only' group repatterning. 

Yearly Conference ~ date to be announced

'Rise Above' 5 hours of informative life-changing presentations that will give you the inspiration to build yourself and, if you choose, build your business, BOTH will be profited by this variety of presenters and keynote speakers, interviews and breakout rooms for mini classes of your choice. This is the inaugural event of the year for the RRII, a new professional business. There are challenges to 'rise above' but many positive changes for all involved that are happening now and as we step into the future together. More to come!

About the Institute

We provide a community that speaks to the heart of each member, with an intention to propel you and your business on a personal journey as a person and practitioner.

Trustworthy   ~   Reliable   ~   Transformative


Address: Mexico City, 11590, MEXICO

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