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Membership Group Session: Theresa Larson

  • 28 Jan 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Zoom


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About the membership group session

"New Beginnings" A Life purpose, Career shift, Relationship enhancement...

Get ready for this personalized group session by contemplating what one area of life you really want to focus on. Set new horizons for achieving a change! What will be YOUR new beginning?

Key takeaways

  • Focus, on what you want to move into. WRITE IT DOWN
  • Think, What will change that's positive by manifesting this? WRITE IT DOWN
  • What commitment are you willing to make for this new beginning, in life, career, or relationships? You can do it, and it takes action!

We synergistically move thru this session. Bring your notes. Actuate the shift needed for success!

Exclusive offer for this event
Register as a member of RRII, at any level, by midnight on session day, for a one-hour personal session by video conference.

Already a member? I offer you a 20 min consultation, and one hour of anything I am able to provide. (We can brainstorm and mc) and appreciation to ALL, in advance, for your commitment to this work!

About Theresa

Student of RR since 1998. Organizer for RR Teachers in the education of her community. An advocate for alternative options in mental health & personal wellness. 

Having achieved an Advanced Certified Practitioner Diploma she's begun the steps into Teacher and Mentorship as part of the RRII program for professionals. 

Theresa volunteers in the RR community for mutual support & continued growth.

About the Institute

We provide a community that speaks to the heart of each member, with an intention to propel you and your business on a personal journey as a person and practitioner.

Trustworthy   ~   Reliable   ~   Transformative


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