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  • Masterclass: Christine Wyllie

Masterclass: Christine Wyllie

  • 21 Oct 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (SAST)
  • Zoom


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About the masterclass

Everything is, and always has been in a permanent state of evolution, we are an infinite part of an infinite universe which is constantly expanding, there is no end only permanent change. Yet most of us resist change! Our reluctance to change is resistance to life itself, it creates, suffering, stress, dis-ease, illness and even failure in our relationships and careers and the dreadful feeling of being stuck.  

When we resist change,  we stop the flow of life that wants to express itself through us, when we open ourselves to change, we get back in the flow of the Universe and magic happens.

A paradigm shift is needed to establish a meaningful relationship to change, such shift requires an internal uprising.  We cannot escape evolution, and crises seem to be necessary catalysts for change; but it does not have to be that way, we can choose our change instead, and enjoy a fulfilling and inspired life.

Key take aways

  • Expand you understanding of why we resist change and  how to identify our blocks to change and give you tools to overcome resistance.
  • Understand why don’t we change even when we know that what we are doing is not working for us?
  • Remember who we are and why we are here.
  • Coming to terms with the permanence of impermanence
  • The Transformative power of change
  • Becoming adaptable and choosing our change.

Exclusive offer for this event
Discounted fee on the Trancendence 7 week live Zoom program  https://growthpoint.org/training-2/tag-training/transcendence/

And a bonus gift to be announced on the Masterclass - A Remote energy session to remove blocks to resistance for the first 4 people who register on the Transcendence program.

About me
Christine Randabel Wyllie
Born and raised on the island of Mauritius Christine moved to South Africa in 1983.

Christine is a certified Applied Life Coach and TAG Consciousness Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Practitioner combining the TAG principles with her practice of Energy Therapy, Shamanism and Spiritual healing.

Christine is the founder and owner of  Touch the Soul https://www.touchthesoul.org/ and a partner at Growthpoint Organization https://growthpoint.org/ the home of TAG Training International. Christine believes that to Touch the Soul of another is a sacred responsibility and a privilege. Her holistic approach to coaching acts as a catalyst for change, transformation, and expansion, through Conscious Living, Soul Alignment and Self Mastery. Her strength lies in her ability to connect with people through her simplicity, astute clarity steeped in intuitive insights and deep caring.

Although her clients seek healing from her, she insists that she is not the healer; simply the silent witness to their miracle, that her role is to be a catalyst for infinite possibilities to reveal itself.

She maintains that only you have the power to heal yourself, her purpose is to awaken and empower you, so you may remember who you truly are; rediscover your own profound wisdom, embrace your innate abilities and reconnect to your inner healer.

According to Christine her role is to love you back into consciousness and inspire you to express the essence of who you truly are, so you may live an authentic life with integrity and in alignment with your chosen destiny.

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