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  • Masterclass: Shannon Betts

Masterclass: Shannon Betts

  • 17 Mar 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • (CST) Zoom Webinars


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Fascia is a continuous, fibrous system that interconnects every cell, organ, system, etc, of the body; creating an intricate communication network. It connects everything. There is no part of the body that Fascia does not affect. Fascia weaves in and out of every cell of the body, defining itself as a Living Matrix (as referred to by Dr James Oschman). Fascia is greatly affected by trauma, emotion and stress and can often hold these neurochemical responses in the connective tissue for many years. Fascia is able to retain information frequencies and just as impressively, respond to information frequencies (delivered through the session). The Fascia Response and Integration method works through the energetic window of frequency and thus vibration; creating a healing response within the Fascia/connective tissue, allowing the body to express itself differently. The physical body is always in an Expressional State of Being.

This method helps us to connect to this biological language, to bring into observation what the body needs in order to express itself differently, and more optimally. In the session we introduce observational needs, which the body responds to, integrates, and then aligns into a new biological presentation and adaptational model. We are able to work into the finest of fascial spaces, within the neurofascial, and even then we can potentially access finer fascial spaces. Fascia Response and Integration works safely, non-invasively, and gently. Making the treatment session ideal for distance/remote sessions as well as in person. The biology of any physical body is always ready and waiting to participate in an optimally run health environment. The Fascia Response and Integration Method assists in the re-design of this biological communication. 


 Anyone attending the workshop may receive a session at a discounted rate, $80 US.

About Shannon Betts

Having worked with physical training, physical rehabilitation, energy and vibrational healing for 20 years now, I became aware of a notably sized gap in the way we work with clients. My traditional background is in rehabilitation, sports training and reconditioning of the physical body within the parameters of general science and nutritional focus - a more linear approach. On my quest to understand the deeper communication models of the physical body, I added qualification titles to my name as I went. Founding the creation of the Fascia Response and Integration Method, there was emphasis placed on the opportunity for anyone to be able to participate and integrate their accumulated know-how into the applied model. My quest is to show how we can do things differently -  to ourselves, for ourselves and how to reconnect to our innate memory of self-healing.

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